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Your path to the perfect set of tyres begins here

Your path to the perfect set of tyres begins here

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Elevate your scooter riding experience by choosing DSI Tyre for purchasing scooter tyres online in Sri Lanka! We are dedicated to offering the best deals on high-quality scooter tyres in Sri Lanka, providing a diverse range that ensures a comfortable ride, superior control at higher speeds and extended tyre life with an innovative tread pattern for higher mileage.

If you are here to buy scooter tyres online in Sri Lanka, it's crucial to consider factors like quality and safety. DSI Tyre, a trusted name, ensures you receive premium quality products for your scooter, contributing to your safety on the roads. Our scooter tyres have undergone rigorous testing, assuring you of both quality and safety, with the best scooter tyre prices in Sri Lanka.

Explore our website for a user-friendly experience, making the process of purchasing premium scooter tyres hassle-free. We offer a wide selection, including popular models like 90/100×10 Gen X Tyre (Tubeless), 350 * 10 SCOOTY, 90/100*10 SCOOTY, 90/100*10 Xtreme, and 90/90*12 Xtreme. Trust DSI Tyres for your scooter tyre needs and ride with confidence with the best scooty tyre prices in Sri Lanka. If you require more information or assistance in choosing the best scooter tyres in Sri Lanka, our professionals are ready to help you make the right decision. Experience the joy of riding with top-quality scooter tyres from DSI Tyre!

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