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9,825.00 LKR 8,596.88 LKR
9,150.00 LKR 8,006.25 LKR

Gen X (71) T/L 90/90×12 Tyre

90-90-12 TL (MC-71)
8,960.00 LKR 7,840.00 LKR
11,180.00 LKR 9,782.50 LKR
9,280.00 LKR 8,120.00 LKR
11,600.00 LKR 10,150.00 LKR
14,335.00 LKR 12,543.13 LKR
Out of Stock
6,655.00 LKR8,410.00 LKR
5,823.13 LKR7,358.75 LKR
6,790.00 LKR7,535.00 LKR
5,941.25 LKR6,593.13 LKR

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All Island Delivery Available